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sustainably sourced and modified wood

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Out­standing aesthetics and technical properties

Thanks to a patented two-stage modification process, TESUMO features not only a rich, golden-brown color and beautiful grain structure, but also dimensional stability, weathering performance and natural durability to meet or surpass the high standards for yacht decking material. The source wood is available in abundance from sustainable and legally compliant forestry.

TESUMO Advantages at a glance

Our sustainably sourced and modified wood solution offers a unique set of advantages:

  • The exquisite look & feel of teak
  • Ideal technical qualities including hardness, durability, dimensional and crack stability
  • Reliable availability - even in non-standard lengths
  • Verifiable environmental compatibility

Wood The natural choice for yachts

Warm, rich, natural - wood is among the most beloved materials for yacht decks and interiors. Naval architects, ship-builders and yacht owners all over the world treasure the beauty and functional properties of fine woods such as teak.

Yet environmental issues are increasingly raising concerns surrounding the teak industry. In response, we have developed TESUMO, a sustainably farmed and modified wood with superior qualities for marine applications.

Patented modification process

It all began with a multiyear research project by Lürssen Shopyards in Bremen and a German university to explore ways of rendering a fast-growing natural wood suitable for one of the most demanding environments imaginable: as decking material for oceangoing vessels. The result was a two-stage modification process in which the wood is first heat-treated to adjust its color an prepare for impregnation and, in a second step, impregnated and cured with a water-based resin. The molecules of the resin are small enough to penetrate the wooden matrix and become polymerized in the cell walls. This improves the wood's technical properties such as swell/shrink behavior, hardness, durability and crack resistance.

In extensive realistic tests at sea and on land, TESUMO showed ideal performance for marine applications. Several weathering tests with full-sized planks, caulking and margin boards were carried out under conditions as close as possible to real life, including:

  • Natural weathering test at the Lürssen facilities in Lemwerder, Germany: 6 years
  • Cockpit on a traditional sailing yacht: 2.5 years
  • Tender garage and beach club on megayacht: 3 years
TESUMO Teak Iroko Thermally modified wood Acetylated wood Furfurylized wood
Aesthetics ++ ++ - + - -
Dimensional stbility ++ ++ + + ++ +
Durability ++ ++ + + ++ ++
Hardness + + + - +
Crack stability + ++ - - -
Elasticity - - - -
Availability ++ -- + + + +
Ecological footprint ++ - - ++ ++ ++

The Best of both worlds

Along with its exclusive appearance and excellent suitability for marine applications, TESUMO provides peace of mind. Its ecological impact is negligible, as no substances are added during the thermal modification and the required energy can be generated with byproducts. In addition, the impregnation process uses no toxic chemicals. And thanks to its outstanding, weather-resistance and durability, TESUMO promises low maintenance and an exceptionally long service life - after which it can be easily recycled. It all adds up to a winning combination: the beauty of teak, superior qualities and verifiable sustainability - no more deforestation and erosion.

Let's talk

Find out more about how you can take advantage of TESUMO - the outstanding future-oriented marine wood solution. We look forward to hearing from you.

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